Headlines Podcasts: Yerushah And Nepotism In Our Mosdos Hatorah In Halacha, Hashkafah, And History


Should sons and sons in law be the Yoresh of a Chassidus, a Yeshiva, a Rabbanus, or should the Yoresh be the most qualified to replace?

When did it change in our Yeshivos?

What to do in a family business? Severance pay to children, and much more..



  1. It has been the Minhag amongst Chasidim for the recent past, that son/s take over from his/their father for the Rebistva, the reason being that usually he/they is/are the most ראוי, or else who is going to be the decider as to who else should assume the mantle – there could be multiple claimants. As many Chasidish Courts are now becoming too large for one man to manage, perhaps it’s time to split up.

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