BREAKING: Looting of Local Liquor Store Next to Stop and Shop


A reliable source reported to 5TC, that a few individuals were attempting to loot the liquor store located in the Burnside Plaza shopping center, on the corner of Burnside and 878. Immediately, seven Nassau County Police units arrived on the scene and arrested all of the individuals involved. At the current time, it doesn’t appear that there was any riot involved in this incident. We will continue to follow this story and bring the community updates as it unfolds.


  1. If there was no one in the liquor store, it is not a robbery. Given the situation evolving, looting is likely accurate.

  2. They stole approx 3.5k worth of product. They tried breaking in through the back didnt work so they prybard the alternate front entrance. They had a getaway vehicle. No arrests were made suspects on the loose.

  3. Nassau County executive Laura Curran is to blame for any looting robbing and destroying of public and private property for her coordination with Governor Cuomo in allowing this to happen. Curran has done absolutely nothing but parade in front of the cameras everyday enjoying the limelight.

    Democrats nationwide are participating in this attempted coup. The National Guard needs to be called in before the 5 towns is set upon tomorrow. I truly hope local homeowners and business owners see exactly how Curran is a willing accomplice in the destruction about to happen right here.
    Remember as you are cleaning up your lifelong dreams…. sweeping the glass and gathering what’s left of everything you have all worked for you’re entire lives. Whatever skin tone, wherever you immigrated from. Do. It allow this destruction happen or go unpunished. Remember Election Day what County Executive Laura Curran failed to do for you when it really and truly counted.
    Never Forget how she played politics with your lives and homes and businesses…
    Our families safety ! Vote Curran OUT !!

  4. When I think of looting I think of smashing the glass and taking a VCR or Walkman 😉 and running away. These guys selectively forced entry, took 3.5 Thousand dollars worth of inventory, and hopped in a getaway car.
    But whatever you call it make sure you know their using the protest as a guise. I hope we can separate the criminals from the protesters.

  5. anyone else notice, this picture is NOT the liquor store on burnside!
    Those are not the stores on either side of it…

  6. whoever aid not the liquor store is not correct.
    This is the liquor store on burnside Ave in Inwood near Stop and Shop.

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