WATCH: Reports of Shots Fired on Gateway Blvd & Mott Ave, Stay Clear [Updated 2:56 PM]


UPDATE [2:50]:  RNSP Statement “The police activity in Far Rockaway has ended. It is safe to go outside. NYPD and RNSP thanks the community for their cooperation on this matter.”


UPDATE [2:01]: Suspect is still at large. Another video from the scene.

UPDATE [1:22]: Suspect is still at large. Another video from the scene.

UPDATE [1:04]: Images/ video from the scene

UPDATE [1:00 PM]: Footage from the scene:

UPDATE [12:57 PM] The previous information about the man being caught was incorrect. He is still on the loose.

UPDATE [12:53 PM] Still, an active situation, NYPD with bulletproof shields are entering a backyard on Caffrey Ave.

Live Audio:

UPDATE [12:46 PM]: There have been reports that the one suspect has been caught in a backyard on Greenwood Court. We are still attempting to confirm if this information is accurate.

Shots fired by Gateway Blvd & Mott Ave. this is right around the Darchei and Rabbi Groner area.

The car has been stopped, but one man is running on foot. He was last seen running through backyards on Mott and Caffrey.

Description: Blue Durag, green sweatshirt, white pants. NYPD helicopters are currently assisting in the search.

Please stay inside and avoid this area until the suspect is apprehended.

We will update this page as info comes in.


  1. @anonymous – please don’t post false information based off of hearsay. Allow RNSP/NYPD to put out the all clear so that your comment doesn’t cause someone to let their guard down and chas vshalim be put in a makom sakana.

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