8 People Shot Overnight in Brooklyn Within 3 Hours, Great Idea to Defund Police


It was a violent night in Brooklyn, with a number of shootings in a short time span.

Police say three shootings happened in less than 10 minutes in Brownsville.

The first shooting was around 10:40 p.m. in front of 512 Bristol St., between Newport Street and Lott Avenue. Investigators say there was a fight in front of the building and four people were shot, three men and one woman. News 12 is told the men are in stable condition, but the woman was shot in the face and is in serious condition.

Source: NEWS12


  1. Your sarcastic headline of “Great Idea” is offensive.

    There is systematic racism against African Americans in this country.

    Why should whites be able to rely on the protection of the police while African Americans at the same time suffer brutal oppression and killings from those very same police.

    This is all part of white privilege where whites think they deserve protection no matter how many innocent African Americans get killed in the process.

    Let the crime and shootings continue. It will hopefully bring understanding to enough white people what African Americans go through everyday.

    We are one country. United. Either we should all be safe or no one should be safe.

    All lives matter. #Defundthepolice

  2. Umm that is actually the dumbest thing I ever heard ms. estee from Lawrence. It is very easy for you from LAWRENCE to say yeah sure get rid of the cops, how many shootings are there every year in Lawrence? Do you know how many shootings there were in Brooklyn last night alone? About 10. What about in cities like Baltimore? Do you know who will be hurt the most from getting rid of the police? Black communities. So 1 bad cop kills a black guy in Minneapolis and now every cop in the world in America is evil, should lose their jobs and not protect anyone and let everyone shoot and kill each other?? Of course that chauvin guy should be thrown in jail for murder and was a terrible guy. So America should burn? Lootings? Yes I am anti Police brutality. I am also against brutality against Police- lots of which was seen during these riots. No, I am not born into sin because I am white. We have extremely successful black people in this country. A large part of the NBA, MLB, tons of actors and actresses, our recent president…No, I don’t believe there is systematic racism in this country. You have thousands of black people that are on the Police force! How does that work? They become racist the day they put on a badge?
    You should know the same liberals and leftist media that is now so concerned about equality and anti racism- didn’t say a word about Jews getting murdered. They are also ALWAYS against Israel when it tries to defend itself from rocket fire. If you care so much about your fellow people in humanity, why don’t you start with protesting also when Jews got shot dead in Jersey City this year?? Where were all these hashtags then? Why were you silent Estee??
    What nonsense. Ben Shapiro said it best once ” it’s very simple, just be a mensch.”#GetYourPrioritiesStraight

  3. youre the racist here!!
    the fact that you think you have white privliage is saying that you are better then blacks.
    let the black mothers and grandmoters or the innocent ones that live a nice happy life do the talking not the white liberal politicians (that live with their own body guards so dont rely on the police!!) or the black gang members (that are looting our stores and burning down our community) that go around killing their own people. why do you think that the black person is afraid to call the cops in fact most 911 calls in our community are from the the black/hispanic community and if you really care about black lives who is going to protect the black children from being shot or the black mothers from being abused if not for the police deff. not our local politicians (and if you really care move out of white lawrence and move into a minority community and imagine what would happen without the police)

  4. These terms being slung about here and there are foolish. White privilege? That’s such a racist comment! You don’t pull one people up by pulling another down. Further, any unarmed person being killed by police is reprehensible, but eliminating the police presence through defunding won’t suddenly “make America safe again”. The opposite will happen as more people take safety (and commission of crime) into their own hands. More blacks will die – more whites will die. And while we are on the subject, more whites are killed by police than blacks. https://www.statista.com/statistics/585152/people-shot-to-death-by-us-police-by-race/ Do your homework. It’s ALL bad – I grant you. But looking for this white guy to take a knee for BLM? Think again.

  5. Are you actually serious? You think the blacks want to call 911 to protect themselves? They are terrified of the police and if the police cannot protect minorities, they can’t functionally protect anyone.

    Politicians with body guards? Your now just making stuff up.

  6. Alex, lets be real here. Israel is a miracle from Hashem but that doesn’t mean they aren’t also at fault.

    They have occupied the Palestinians for the longest time. The Palestinians are economically ruined. What exactly do you want them to do at this point. The liberals are right to point out the flaws in Israel. You make being anti Israel out to be some sort of negative.

    We need to be honest with our allies and Israel has what to own up for.

  7. Alex, the fact that your even insinuating that black communities in Baltimore and elsewhere cannot police and protect themselves-that is racist.

    The blacks were doing just fine till us white people went ahead and enslaved them.

    Own up and kneel before them. We owe it to them.

  8. @estee even if the blacks are afraid to call the police they still rely on the police for their safety and if not for the police many more will be killed
    as per “Politicians with body guards? Your now just making stuff up.” have youve ever noticed that when bill deblaso walks/drives around he has a full police escort when gov cuomo drives around he has a full police escort when joe biden walks around he has the secret service following him around and they should have all this security but so should evreyone else(blacks,hispanics,whites,etc.) have the right of protection
    and i still challenge you to move into a minority community (or out of lawrence into a community where there is crime) and imagine what would be without police.

  9. @estee
    “The blacks were doing just fine till us white people went ahead and enslaved them”
    im not justifying slavery at all but check youre history or just look at africa today

  10. @estee
    Question: if a man comes into youre house in middle of the night or some one steals youre car or bike or a guy threatens you with a weapon are you going to call the cops?(please dont)
    and if the guy is black i suggest you kneel before him and apologize for the “400 years of racism in this country”

  11. @Estee
    you mention above how “Israel is a miracle from Hashem” i have to agree you cant be more right but isnt the fact that im white and hes black also is because of hashem???

  12. No one mentions how slavery of blacks is still practiced in Saudi Arabia. It also applies to Indonesians, Thais, Bangladeshis, and Filipinos there – it’s called labor contracts. And they are often onerous, with life under miserable conditions.

  13. one black was killed by a cop which was terrible, but you’re going to defund the police across the country?????? how ignorant can you possibly be, what about all the cops that are killed protecting citizens, no excuse to mess up the police because of one bad cop, every company has a bad employee, but what about all the good ones that put their lives on the line every day, OH and by the way more whites are killed by police brutality.

  14. Estee the fact that you are saying we should kneel to the blacks is wrong we are the chosen nation the blacks mostly act like Animals and that’s avodah Zorah and they should kneel to us jews.

  15. As a black person reading this: I’m going to be honest this is really offending to me. I can’t believe that u think that and this goes to all the haters that we black people mostly act like animals and we should kneel to the Jews I live in a very refined black community and until now I thought of Jews as good people but honestly I changed my mind.

  16. Ima little confused with ur comment Abe are u trying to play around with me cause I’m black? Shame on you! You disgusting JEW!

  17. @estee you are racist for thinking that there are no black store owners, no black businessmen, no black doctors, who would put full faith in their very own BLACK policemen to protect them!? The problem with this country is that we listen and brand the loud outspoken opinions as the truth. Many blacks and other minorities know very well the cops are for our protection, even if not perfect.
    P.S @christ I think you just showed up to spread hate.

  18. “The blacks were doing just fine till us white people went ahead and enslaved them.” @estee that video proves u so wrong!

  19. Estee is on some serious drugs. She says in the very same posting, that violence and discrimination is bad, and then says but lets continue to shoot people until the message is heard. Or the record I’m against what’s happening to blacks but to answer violence with more violence, is twisted, anarchic, uneducated, ignorant, criminal, uncivilized and MOST of all, just plain crazy. Seek help, Estee. And while you’re in rehab, read some Dr. King. He was a visionary black leader who changed the world. Willing to bet you have no clue who he was.

  20. Agree with Conservative. How racist & offensive of Estee to even assume all fine black Americans NEED police to begin with, as she ignores the VAST majority of fine black Americans who want no part of this anarchy & abhor the violence and destruction by a disgusting bunch of thugs.

  21. Alex I agree with all you said. On second reading, seems this Estee from Lawrence has never been outside of Lawrence itself, has no clue what life is like just few miles away in Brooklyn, or ANYWHERE, USA outside of Lawrence, and she’s just parroting what she has probably heard on campus, as I guarantee you she’s no more than 18-21 MAX. As an academic, the language & rhetoric she’s using is literally the same language the incoming freshmen use until they become a bit more informed. She reminds me of a virulently anti-Israel student who returned from a Birthright trip, amazed that Palestinians had normal
    lives, jobs, went to university etc, as she’d heard at school that they were starved, shackled and tortured by all Israelis 24-7. This time, the ignorant virtue-signaling is suposedly on behalf of Blacks (from a Lawrence princess no less) and again its predicated on inappropriate nonsense ideology with zero basis in fact.

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