HERE WE GO AGAIN: Shots Fired in Far Rockaway at Police by Mott Ave. and Beach Channel Dr. [Updated 10:20 PM]


Updated 10:20 PM: The suspect who was being pursued by NYPD has been arrested and a weapon has been recovered as well. We hope that the officers that are in the hospital from today’s shooting have a speedy recovery. We thank you for keeping our community safe!

Update: 9:15 PM: We have confirmed this is still an active situation and that whole area is blocked off. Search is still underway for a suspect.

Updated: 7:07 PM: We’re now hearing some good news, although the police vehicle was damaged, The officers did not sustain any serious injuries.

Updated 7:01 PM: One perpetrator has reportedly been taken into custody. The suspect mentioned in the previous update is still at large at the current time.

Updated 6:54 PM: We are now receiving information on the Suspect. He is a male African American wearing a gray durag and all-black clothing.

Updated 6:42 PM: We have confirmed that 2 officers were shot at and there an exchange of gunfire. The 2 officers are in the hospital. This is an active situation, please avoid this area and use alternate routes. Police are requesting a unit to search the Far Rockaway- Mott Ave station (A).

Updated 6:40 PM: Helicopter requested on the scene to assist in the search.

Updated 6:38 PM: Police have requested backup units to Beach Channel Dr. and Mott Ave. NYPD reported that apparently, the suspect shot at Police and Police fired back. There are no confirmed injuries at this moment.

An NYPD Police van had a window shot out, and search is still ongoing for the suspect.

BREAKING IN QUEENS: Shots fired at NYPD on Mott Ave and Beach Channel Drive. Minor injuries to officers who returned fire. One perp has reportedly been taken into custody. The window of the police car has been shot out. [NYC Scanner]


  1. whats wrong with you? hes a human being? all human beings deserve to roam the streets!

  2. did he try to shoot you? no! he only attacks the police, just like every other person with a gun. that’s why i think if they get rid of police, their wont be anymore shootings and the world will be a better place

  3. Blue Lives Matter. If Blacks want anyone to stand with them they have to come out enforce against this kind of actions.

  4. I don’t get why they need to defund the police. Don’t get me wrong, what that cop in Minneapolis did was terrible, but now, because of one bad cop, every police officer in America is evil? They shouldn’t defund the police force because of one bad cop. What they’re doing makes no sense.

  5. How can you say let him go if they never caught him? Also if we let him go it’s like letting a drunk driver run down a road and potentially hurt or God forbid kill one!

  6. Letting the police roam around the black areas is like poking a lion with a stick so why would we do that! Defund the police.

  7. What was the reason for creating the police? to protect people! From what? The shooters only attack the police? what happened that made it necessary for the police to be created?

  8. I’m a fluffy cloud listen to my words or shall I say read them: the police were created as you said to stop crime but they have only made it worse so according to your logic since something was created for a good cause but doesn’t work and only does bad (an example would be a drug that they use to test on people and it ends up making them even more sick) they should continue to be? (So in my case the drug should still be used?!?) i hope u wouldn’t say yes, answer me… would YOU say yes?

  9. Your case of a drug actually caused harm so I would answer YES but the police are actually doing more good and you refuse to see that or maybe you can’t see that since you never saw and I hope you will never see what would happen without the cops and I can bring a common phrase that you don’t appreciate something until you don’t have it anymore (#lookatthebiggerpicture)

  10. What would have happened if the police weren’t by the protest? It would have been much worse! Yes, the riots happened because of the police and a minority of cops abuse their power, but in the end, without the police the world will fall into chaos!!

  11. because of police there is more crime in black areas. if we get rid of police there will be no more crime, and there limafraya will be no need for police. police are the reason for higher black crime rate.

  12. This message is to all the hockers on here, we have a predicament here with 2 perspectives here first against the cops that they are using their leverage to exploit blacks so that’s one wrong against the oh let me rephrase 4 cops! Now against the blacks is all the upheavals that actually cost more lives than one (in this litigation being George Floyd) now from a blunt philosophy 2 of the same wrongs (death) is worse than one wrong (here death) but for those that hold that one death is like 100 demises than I have one more juncture against the blacks (which were more than 4 cops it was actually thousands if not millions of people) they are looting store and not even in the name of Floyd but just to raid stores and ransack businesses for the sack of stealing commodity! (so now it’s 2 to 1 and cops win 😁)

  13. I think that all jobless blacks should be shipped back to africa. problem solved.

  14. I also think that black people should all be forced to become police officers so they can shoot each other… or not shoot anyone at all

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