Registration For Wednesday, September 16th: Lawrence Public Schools Meal Distribution Pickup

PLEASE NOTE: If you have questions please email [email protected].

Dear Parents,

The Lawrence School District is happy to announce there will be another week of Kosher food distribution this Wednesday, September 16th with TIMES 5-10 PM. please use the link below.
There is a NEW REGISTRATION FORM for EVERYONE who would like to pick up Kosher Meals through the Lawrence Public Schools. This is for children 18 years and under only. The link is below.


The pick up location is Lawrence Middle School, 195 Broadway.
In order to pick up you MUST:

1)     Have a printed email response sheet with a QR code for all families for whom you are picking up. PLACE IT ON THE DASHBOARD prior to entering the driveway!

2)     Wear a mask upon entering the driveway.

3)     Have a clean and clear trunk. (You may leave an empty box for the milk)

This is the link to register:

The form will close out when the maximum meals are reserved.

What if I didn’t register or if it is closed out? Can I still get meals?
For those who have not registered, at 10:15 PM all remaining meals will be distributed. This is the waitlist sign up form link: – If there are extra meals you will receive an email.

Can I pick up food for my neighbors?
Yes. They also must register.  Carpooling is strongly encouraged. But please have their information on a piece of paper and ensure your car is empty.
What should I do when I get to the Lawrence Middle School?
Please be patient. Please hand the paper to the staff member. Please have space available in your trunk or back seat; do not leave your car. You must wear a mask.

Where can I find portion sizes for the Kosher meals?
What should I do if I have a question?
If you have questions please email [email protected].



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