News Channel on Central Ave Attempting to Expose Orthodox Jews as Being Non-Compliant


There is currently a news camera at the corner of Frost and Central attempting to video people not wearing masks.

This has been going on in many Orthodox communities of NY in the past several weeks. Videos have been circulating of reporters specifically not taking photos of any Jews who are actually wearing masks. They look to take photos of those Orthodox Jews not wearing masks in order to express a false narrative that all Orthodox Jews are simply non-compliant in regard to all COVID-related guidelines and restrictions (see below).

Granted there are groups who do not wear masks, but certainly, the bulk of Orthodox Jews have been very compliant and stringent in mask-wearing and social distancing.

Please be careful to wear masks while walking on Central (even if you do not feel this is a need) to avoid any possible Chilul Hashem.

Just yesterday in Governor Cuomo’s press briefing he used a photo of a mass gathering of Orthodox Jews purportedly of a recent packed event in the Orthodox community. In actuality, the photo was from 14 years ago of Chassidim by the Kevurah of R’ Moshe Teitelbaum in Kiryas Joel, Crown Heights.

“These pictures are just from the past couple of weeks,” Cuomo declared, with a more than 2-decade old photo displayed alongside him (see below).

Former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich as well blasting Governor Cuomo for specifically targeting the Orthodox community:



  1. It’s about time. Stop being arrogant and negligent so we get infected.
    (Yes I’m of the Orthodox brotherhood).
    Walking on Shabbos in our neighborhoods start wearing masks and respect our health.
    Otherwise, Cuomo and the other one – time for new leadership.

  2. Im all for masks but It’s about time you stop being a libtard and giving fodder for the anti semites you useful idiot @ anonymousfornow

  3. Many things can be true at the same time.
    We should follow all medical recommendations.
    The governor and NYC mayor are horrible. The media are the enemy of the people.

  4. Its about time to stop following orders and try to please these pple. Time and time again we see in history you can do everything right but if its Hashems will that we have anti semitism, it will happen either way. Best to have unity amongst us and to fight back. I see plenty of Black individuals and other cultures not wearing masks but they wont start up with them because they know they will push back. Its about time we become strong and fight back and protest and not just take all this abuse. Because if its not the mask it will surely be something else.

  5. Remember when Cuomo said if there is an uptick and numbers reach 9% he’ll re-close the schools?

    Well, that didn’t happen and Cuomo isn’t happy about it either. So now we’re at 3% and he’s closing them anyway. And even the 3% is inflated with false positives.

    They blackmailed us telling us if we don’t start to wear masks even outside (which is not required by law when social distanced) then they will sit the schools. They didn’t expect us to comply. But, as Dr. Katz ym”s said by the press conference, for the most part we did comply. But they closed the schools anyway.

    And today Cuomo is working in the shuls.

    They, along with “Anonymous for now” are a bunch of Jew haters.

  6. Do you have to wear a mask outside more than 6 ft away from others? Look at every morning INDOOR newscast like Today show, Good Morning America. All newscasters not in masks, sitting 6 ft away. Heck, look at Cuomo! He sits inside, unmasked social distanced from others.

  7. Its true to an extent no?? is it a coincidence that in religious areas 10 days after rosh hashana that these areas are going up? Just cause it relates to yidden doesnt make people anti semetic for pointing it out. Last week i wemt to boro park to buy a succah and out of maybe 40 people in the warehouse MAYBE 5 had a mask. We should do our part also, Its a chillul hashem and it causes maras ayin in a way.

  8. The problem is most people do not wear masks in public. When they go to synagogues that have strict rules , they walk with no mask on with their families and put the mask on only at the last moment. They will pass others on the street who may or may not have one on. In stores including Costco which includes more individuals of various backgrounds, masks are often seen below the nose. If exposure time is a crucial factor in transmission, a quick pass by on the street is not likely to cause a transmission. The problem is when people stop to talk and are not masked.

    I do agree there is a lot of hypocrisy among our public officials and media and that no matter what they do for us, and we should appreciate these things, they should wear masks at all times in public when proximity is an issue. They should lead by example but we as a community cannot rely on that and must fend for ourselves and show we are good citizens no matter how uncomfortable the masks may be. We must wear masks!

  9. This is Jew hatred at its best. Pass some type of law, ordinance, etc. Only enforce it in Jewish neighborhoods. Take bias video and pictures and show Jews as the threat. Then publicly show pictures from other locations such as Crown Heights and from 2006 in public and pretend that they are current and from the areas we are discussing. All we need is for our politicians to call Jews vermin and diseased.

  10. What is the current guidance? I’ll thought masks are not necessary outside where it’s possible to social distance. So then why do we now have to wear masks outside especially in places where it’s not crowded?

    Which one is it? Are they needed outside or not?

  11. Blaming the cameraman here isn’t fair – the guy’s just making a living.

    The media functions like wildlife – just like animals go where the food is, the media goes where the story is. If there is no food, there are no animals. If there was 100% compliance and everyone wore masks, there’d be no story to report and they’d go away.

    The fact that they are here in the first place is our own fault – too many people flaunted the rules and the warnings and the requests by Rabbonim and people like Dr. Glatt, a hot spot was created and here we are.

    In a way, media scrutiny is a good thing. If bad press can get people to start wearing masks consistently, then it’s all good.

  12. Anonymous: the rule here is outside masks are not required if you can socially distance. However, a presumption has arisen, not without reason, that Jews who don’t wear them outside don’t wear them inside either. Unfortunately there is a basis for that belief.

    If we want to drive away the media, we have to show them there’s no story here. We’ve dug ourselves in a hole and the only way out is for everyone to wear masks everywhere, all the time, until they lose interest. Unfortunately, Jews being stubborn as they are, that will never happen.

  13. You can blame the cameraman when they lie. If 1000 people wear a mask, but they take a picture of the 10 not wearing a mask and that gets into an article how 5T people don’t wear masks, then I blame them 100%.

  14. Truth:

    First of all, my mother survived Auschwitz so keep your Jew-hating remarks to yourself.

    Second, yours is the kind of remark that cost us the Bais Hamikdosh. The truth hurts sometimes. The Neviim warned us for years and years that we were doing the wrong things. The Jews of that era refused to listen, accused them of being enemies enemies of the Jews and jailed them. We know the result.

    When Jews do the wrong thing, it’s not hatred to point it out.

  15. Never will Cuomo single out blacks because he knows its not politically correct and he knows jews will blidfolditly vote Democrats

  16. It is ironic that all of a sudden everyone is claiming anti-semitism. I have herd from many store owners on Central Ave and witnessed myself that many visibly from people are refusing to wear masks. Why is no-one urging that the shuls require masks and social distancing? Why are kiddushes, weddings and other social gatherings permitted when these events contribute to a lack of compliance and the spread of this deadly virus? As a community we have given fire to the antisemites. Lets comply with the guidelines, have every shul in the community require masks and social distancing and eliminate the virus spreading gatherings. If we do that we will be a non-story or hopefully the story will be a kiddish Hashem and we will truly fulfill our role amongst the nations.

  17. Child of Survivors:

    Since reopening in June, my Shul has followed the guidelines to the letter. All Kiddushim and Simchas have been canceled Until further notice. Masks covering the nose and mouth are mandatory – anyone not wearing one will be strongly suggested to leave. Social distancing is strictly practiced. The interior of the building is spotless. There are hand sanitizers everywhere. People must bring their own siddurim and seforim. And so on. The problem is that not all shuls are this careful.

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