Far Rockaway: DOH Officials Now Targeting Individuals, Handing Out $1k Fines


DOH officials, driving an unmarked yellow van, were seen giving out tickets to Jews and non-Jews alike.

The inspectors were walking up and down Mott Ave. and Cornaga handing out fines to individuals without masks. These were $1,000 fines! Inspectors were also seen driving around local Shuls and on Central Ave.

“It’s just not worth it to go around without a mask these days. I guess the idea from Cuomo and de Blasio is that in case the pandemic didn’t hurt my business and livelihood enough, they need to send out these guys to hand out outrageous tickets. New York sure is a great place to live right now. Great job guys”- says Josh Ray, a Far Rockaway resident.

The Jewish Orthodox community has been under constant scrutiny, as seen in today’s interview with Gov. Cuomo:

Former Councilman David Greenfield expressing his disgust that media chooses to continue its focus on the Orthodox community:

Councilman Kalman Yeger takes a fine jab as well:


  1. Its about time we see a change in the orthodox community everyone should be held responsible for their actions and not think there above the lw because of religion or race

  2. Cuomo ימש has no clue what he’s saying when he says one year when science and research are saying the next few months. Another point Is that by declaring that the Orthodox community is responsible he is opening up a world of anti Semites . Yes it is a Chinese virus that went to Milan and then came here. He is in denial as well.

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