Dr. David Schechter Offers Free At Home Covid Testing in the 5 Towns


Dr. David Schechter is continuing to do home COVID-19 testing through the Chagim. Additionally, he has expanded his force of phlebotomists to expand hours and scheduling availability in the Five Towns and surrounding areas. Starting this week, online portal access will be given to patients so that results can be viewed as soon as they are available.

Home testing is still available daily with same-day appointments available. This is a good alternative to going to a testing location that has risks of exposure. PCR results are given the next day after testing*.

Additionally, quantitative antibody tests are now available.

Free testing means free testing! For those insured and uninsured the like. As long as someone has a social security number or another form of identification (state, federal, school) there is NO charge for COVID-19 testing.

*While there have been minimal delays and a small number of results given within 36 hours, most results are given within 24 hours under medical supervision with individual recommendations on quarantine and further testing needs.


  1. What’s the point of getting tested??
    It’s a feeder for those who wanna strike fear and close down institutions. Just keep social D, wear masks and be extremely careful around the compromised. If you’re not doing those things, getting tested won’t change your obnoxious attitude either way. Move on with life!

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