Gedolei America Release Historic Letter In Support of President Trump


A historic letter by Gedolim of America in support of President Donald Trump was released last night. The unprecedented letter of appreciation and blessing was spearheaded by Rabbi Moshe Margareten of Tzedek Association. The letter had been composed in the summer, however many signatures were recently added, and the letter has been released to the public last night ahead of the elections.

Below is a video of Hagaon R’ Shmuel Kamenetsky endorsing President Trump:


  1. I am firmly anti-Trump but I don’t have a problem with the letter the Gedolim wrote to him. The letter simply is hakaras hatov for Trump’s support of religious freedom during the coronavirus epidemic. The letter doesn’t even say that he’s done a good job dealing with coronavirus generally (He clearly hasn’t). But whatever else one may think about him, such as his unfitness to be President, he should be thanked for the good that he has done.

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