2 Men Fatally Shot in a Drive-By Shooting on Rockaway Turnpike Friday


The NYPD informed 5TC on Friday that due to an ongoing accident investigation, Rockaway Blvd leading from the Nassau Expressway into the Five Towns, as well as the opposite direction from the Five Towns heading towards Queens was closed in both directions.

Many community members were stuck in the backup, causing a lot of stress on a Friday with an early Shabbos approaching. The road did not reopen Friday afternoon till around 5:00 PM.

We were later informed that there had been a drive-by shooting that had taken place which had caused the entire street to be blocked off as special units began the investigations.

The car hit was a blue Nissan Maxima with four passengers, two men, a woman, and a child. The two men were fatally shot by an unidentified car and were pronounced deceased upon arrival at the hospital. Investigators are still unsure in which direction the other car was traveling and the motive for the crime. However, they do believe the crime was gang-related and the men were specifically targeted.

The woman and child were not shot at but incurred injuries after the car veered off the road and crashed into a fence. Reports suggest that the driver was shot, lost control of the vehicle, veered the car off the road into a fence before coming to a stop. The woman and child were transported to a separate hospital
with minor injuries.

Investigations are still ongoing and no suspects have been caught. We will continue to update the community as more information becomes available.


  1. If we continue to vote in democrats when it’s out turn to be heard at the polls, don’t complain when your stuck on Rockaway turnpike or Rockaway blvd on a Friday or any day because it’s one way in and one way out!! Our voices can only make a difference when we vote republican!!!

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