Israel Lockdown: Outbound Flight Restrictions


BaltimoreJewishLife via Chaimvchessed

Israel is set to enter a new, stringent lockdown at midnight on January 8. The contours of this new lockdown are still being hammered out. One of the restrictions expected to be implemented is a limitation on flying out of the country.

If past experience is an indication, this will mean that passengers will only be permitted to fly out of the country if their tickets were purchased before the lockdown commences. Hence, if you are considering travel out of Israel in the coming days, it may be advisable to book your ticket before Thursday night.

During the Rosh HaShana lockdown, a similar rule was implemented. At that time, there was considerable confusion whether the rule did or did not apply to foreign citizens. Chaim V’Chessed intervention eventually earned permission for foreign passport holders (including dual citizens) to leave the country, even if their tickets were purchased during the lockdown.

However, at this point, there is no way to know if this will be the rule again. Therefore, once again, it would be wise to make any important travel plans ahead of the lockdown.

Reminder: In general, we discourage any non-essential travel during this period of extreme uncertainty and frequent, rapid changes.

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