FINAL New Registration Form – Lawrence Public Schools Kosher Meal Distribution – Wednesday, January 13th


Dear Parents,

The Lawrence School District was recently told by the New York State Education Department that the kosher food distribution must stop the current service to the community. This will be the last week of distribution.

Thank you to the Lawrence School Board, Murray Forman, Asher Mansddorf, David Sussman, Heshy Blachorsky, Abel Feldhamer, Tova Plaut and Michael Hatten for their commitment to the distribution, their insights to make the program quicker, safer and better and volunteering to help.

Thank you to the Superintendent, Dr. Ann Pedersen. Her guidance and direction brought the program to fruition and led the program to this point.

Thank you to Congresswoman Kathleen Rice for her efforts for the program, her assistance throughout the distribution and for joining us for the distribution.

Thank you to State Senator Todd Kaminsky for helping the district for this program and so many others. He and his team have been a valuable resource to the district.

Thank you to the Hewlett-Woodmere School District for being great partners and neighbors.

Thank you to the Police and the Auxiliary Police. The traffic control with the care and concern that they demonstrated allowed for a safe and smooth distribution every week.

Thank you to Elite Caterers, Shlomo Katz and his crew, who prepared and distributed food ever week.

Thank you to the many other groups and individuals who have helped including Teach NY, The local village leaders, the West Hempstead volunteers and Aaron Zelig, and many others.

Thank you to you! Your thank yous, your emails, your waves, and your smiles have made the distribution so much more pleasant.

I want to thank our elected officials for trying to allow our program to continue. Should this be the last week, I am so grateful to have had this opportunity to serve the community.

I wish you health, happiness and success,
With warm appreciation,

Jeremy Feder
Assistant Superintendent
Business & Operations
Lawrence Public Schools



The Lawrence School District is happy to announce there will be another week of Kosher food distribution this Wednesday, January 13th with TIMES 5 – 10 PM. please use the link below.

There is a NEW REGISTRATION FORM for EVERYONE who would like to pick up Kosher Meals through the Lawrence Public Schools. This is for children 18 years and under only. The link is below.

The pick up location is Lawrence Middle School, 195 Broadway, Lawrence, NY.

In order to pick up you MUST:

1) Have a printed email response sheet with a QR code for all families for whom you are picking up. PLACE IT ON THE DASHBOARD prior to entering the driveway!
2) YOU MUST WEAR A MASK – Wear a mask upon entering the driveway.
3) Have a clean and clear trunk. (You may leave an empty box for the milk)

This is the link to register:

The form will close out when the maximum meals are reserved.

What if I didn’t register or if it is closed out? Can I still get meals?
For those who have not registered, at 10:15 PM all remaining meals will be distributed. You may only still get meals if you haven’t yet received meals from the National School Food Programs.

Can I pick up food for my neighbors?
Yes. They also must register. Carpooling is strongly encouraged. But please have their information on a piece of paper and ensure your car is empty. Please ensure they are not getting meals from summer food service or similar programs.

What should I do when I get to the Lawrence Middle School?
Please be patient. Please hand the paper to the staff member. Please have space available in your trunk or back seat; do not leave your car. You must wear a mask.

Where can I find portion sizes for the Kosher meals?
The list can be found at under documents or by clicking this link:
What should I do if I have a question?
If you have questions please email [email protected].


  1. I heard the Lawrence Teacher’s Association was not happy that many of the people who benefited from this program were not students of the Lawrence public schools.

    Were they behind this?

  2. Michael: If that’s true, the teachers are in for a lawsuit. If the food distribution is paid for out of our taxes, then we are as entitled to it as anyone. It’s the tired, old “private school parents shouldn’t benefit from the public schools” argument that’s been kicking around the 5T for nearly 20 years and been thrown out of court several times. I think it’s more likely that with a new local and state government coming in, and with the vaccine now becoming available, the state doesn’t want to pay for this anymore. Too bad – I enjoyed the food. (Maybe Gourmet Glatt and Seasons lobbied the government to stop giving away free food?)

  3. The food distribution is a federal program (USDA) and it was extended until the end of June 2021. The funding is distributed through the states. It appears that somebody or group with an agenda against the Lawrence kosher meals pushed the state to end the Lawrence “kosher” program specifically.

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