Israel Arrivals: Hotel Quarantine & Testing


Source: Baltimorejewishlife via Chaimvschessed

All travelers arriving in Israel must quarantine for fourteen days. This can be shortened to 10 days with negative tests on the first and ninth day. Also, those registered with the Health Ministry as recovered from Covid (machlimim) are exempt from quarantine.

For a short period of time, all passengers were compelled to quarantine in government hotels. This requirement was modified, but not totally cancelled. We have several updates on hotel quarantine:

  1. Passengers must provide a quarantine location which is fully acceptable to the authorities. In the event that a passenger fails to demonstrate an appropriate quarantine option, officials are still authorized to compel passengers to quarantine in government hotels.  You must have an empty home, or at least totally separate living quarters.
  2. All passengers arriving from South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Lesotho must quarantine in government hotels.
  3. Arrivees from England may quarantine at home.
  4. All passengers arriving in Israel are required to undergo a Covid test. Those who refuse are sent to compulsory hotels.
  5. Chaim V’Chessed has received numerous reports of passengers refusing to be tested for Covid upon arrival in Israel. There is no apparent reason to refuse to be tested. Either way, passengers enter quarantine at home, if they have provided a suitable location. In the event that their Covid test is positive, they are notified of this – and simply continue quarantining at home.

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