Michael Van Der Veen Destroys the Entire Media After Questioning from CBSN Anchor


Trump defense attorney Michael van der Veen speaks with CBS’s Lana Zak after the Senate’s acquittal vote and blasts House impeachment managers and the media for their conduct.


  1. He ist right! 4 years of radical Left media hatred against President Trump! (led by the worst channel, the clinton news network cnn).

    A biased radical leftist “media” in total support of 4 years of Dems Antifa – style hate against President Trump and also the 75 mil. conservative Americans who voted for POTUS Trump!

    There was no pecefull transition of power in 2016! Obama knew about the spying on the Trump campaign:
    Obama gate! documents declassied…

    Check also the must see documentary

    The plot against the President


    And the election fraud overview:


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