Reports of Recalled Vaccines From Jones Beach


News 12 reported that the NYS DOH recalled vaccines given at the Jones Beach site on Feb. 15. The reason given was that they were not administered with the required temperatures and therefore deemed ineffective. Although this would not be considered harmful, one would be required to receive that 1st dose once again.

5TC reached out to the Department of Health and as of 2:15 PM, Monday afternoon, they do not have such information confirming this claim. We also reached out to local doctors and officials in the area to try to gain information. The Jones Beach location has not contacted the DOH or the vaccine appointment hotline about this apparent issue. This does not mean that the information is inaccurate, just we haven’t been able to confirm from a reliable source at this time.

If you would like to personally reach out to the DOH regarding vaccine issues or if you have any other vaccine concerns, you can contact DOH directly at 833-697-4829. We have been informed that these types of updates will be posted generally on the DOH website here

5TC will continue to follow up regarding this issue and keep the community informed if there are any credible updates.

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