Video: Important Purim Message From Rav Gav


COVID-19 has destroyed so many people’s livelihoods. The lockdowns in Israel and the inability to work, to earn, to do anything, has completely decimated the poor and the not-so-poor in new ways never seen before.
Please, hear the cry of your brothers and sisters in Israel and send financial help! The money raised will be distributed on Purim Day, making this a pure gift of matanos levyonim, a pure gift of tzedaka to help those less fortunate than you.


Every donation to this cause will bring you countless zechusim and mitzvahs, for it will reach all of these cases. Give as much as you can, so that when the gabboim knock on the doors of these homes and give them an envelope full of hope and comfort, full of smiles, Hashem will remember you and your needs with a smile.


May Hashem bless all those who give Tzedakah with many berochos and yeshuos. Tizku lmitzvot.

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