Press Conference Led by Michael I. Inzelbuch, Attorney For Family Kicked Off Spirit Flight [WATCH]


The Eisenerberg family of Toms Rivers NJ, kicked off a Spirit flight heading to Atlantic City in a very cruel and unjust way, have hired attorney Michael I. Inzelbuch of NJ. The children, one of whom is a nonverbal seizure-prone precious 7-year-old, as well as the other child who is 2 years old and approximately 2 months.

The family details to those in the conference how they were wrongfully mistreated as soon as they stepped on the flight. The Attorney has clarified they have no monetary desire in the lawsuit at this point, they simply want to hear “We’re Sorry” from Spirit, which has not yet happened at this point. They also want to make sure Spirit trains their staff to understand the needs a special child may have, and what such a family may be experiencing in order to increase awareness and compassion towards such families.

Spirit Airlines at one point had Tweeted a simple response that it was the adults who were not complying with masks, but that was false as one can clearly see from the videos circulating. The Tweet was quickly removed since that point. Spirit Airlines has since sent Attorney Inzelbuch the following statement (see below).

Spirit Airlines statement:

Below is our statement from Monday that we provided to media. We understand this is a difficult situation for everyone involved. Our Team Members were following the federal mask requirement and asked the adults in the party multiple times to comply with that requirement, which happened prior to videos that have been widely shared. We were pleased that they eventually complied and traveled on the flight as planned. We also understand that we’re looking at this through different lenses, which is why we would like to open up a direct dialogue with the family.

We are aware of incorrect information circulating about Spirit Airlines Flight 138 from Orlando to Atlantic City. The flight was delayed due to adults who did not comply with the federal mask requirement. We allowed the Guests to continue on the flight to their destination after assurances of compliance.

The safety of our Guests and Team Members is our top priority. Please visit our Information Center for more information about our face-covering policy.

See full story along with videos from the very disturbing incident here.

In response to the above email sent to the Attorney, he has since responded the following email with a request for more information:

April 7, 2021

Dear Mr. Sutton ( Spirit Airlines ) :

Good morning.

I received the statement below from several news sources as well as more than 10 passengers who flew on Flight 138 , after, they too witnessed the unimaginable , to wit, the harassment, intimidation , and bullying of my clients , the Eisenberg family , to wit, their nonverbal seizure prone 7 year old son( who I formerly successfully represented, with G-d’s help ) as to his special needs against a school district that initially failed to comply with the Federal requirement to provide a Free and Appropriate Education ) ; their daughter who is approximately 2 year, 2 ½ months old child who was eating when the incident occurred ; the mother of both children who is noticeably expecting a 3rd child ( Avital is 7 months pregnant ) , and the father of this precious family .

As to your statement below ….

(Rest of the email was intentionally left out of this post)

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