Horrific Update: 45 Niftarim Have Been Confirmed R”L


Statement from Magen Dovid Adom:

Magen David Adom forces treated 150 injured on Mount Meron with hundreds of ambulances, intensive care vehicles, motorcycles, ATVs and unique rescue vehicles and clinics adapted to secure the event.

This is one of the most difficult civil disasters the State of Israel has ever known and it is difficult to contain the magnitude of the disaster,” *MDA Director General Eli Bin* said tonight during the evacuation of the injured to the hospitals.

For more than 20 years, Magen David Adom teams have been medically securing the revelry in Meron, and this year it was one of the most complex security operations…All the forces acted quickly and with dedication in a very difficult and complex arena.”

We pray and wish complete healing to the wounded and share in the grief of the families whose loved ones perished in the heavy disaster.

Please call 718-854-4548 ONLY if you are missing an immediate family member and need assistance.

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