Hillel Fuld Unleashes on the Double Standard Regarding Current Middle East Conflict


“Double standard: A rule or principle which is unfairly applied in different ways to different people or groups.”

To me, and you don’t have to agree, double standards are the worst. Hypocrisy to me is the worst.

This entire reality is one big double standard.

Hamas fires rockets and tries to kill as many people as possible. Israel? “Israel has to have an appropriate response.”

Let me very clear, I have no problem with a self inflicted double standard. Meaning, I’m ok with Israel holding itself to a higher standard. I do have an issue with the world holding Israel to a double standard.

The epitome of hypocrisy is how the Black Lives Matter and the LGBTQ community have publicly declared their support for Hamas.

I seriously have a hard time wrapping my head around that. Do they have any idea how racist of an organization Hamas is?

Do they have any idea what happens to LGBTQ people in Gaza? Do you know what death by stoning or hanging looks like? In 2021? Yea, me neither. But you know who does know what that looks like? The citizens of Gaza. And somehow, they think supporting Hamas, a globally recognized terrorist group, is a good idea.

As I read somewhere, “Israel builds bomb shelters, Hamas builds shelters for their bombs.” That pretty much says it all.

Again, I wouldn’t want us to stoop to their level since Hamas makes the most possible cynical use of the people of Gaza. They literally shoot rockets from schools! From hospitals. Why? Because they know their audience, they know Israel is on a different moral level and could never shoot at them if they’re in a hospital or school.

Can you guess what Hamas tries to aim its rockets at? That’s right. Schools, hospitals, or any other place in which there are many Jews. We open the checkpoint to Gaza to give the people of Gaza humanitarian aid. What does Hamas do? Do they take the food and thank Israel? Yea, no. They fire at our soldiers as we transfer food to their people.

Ok, so there is a double standard between Israel and Hamas. Fine, they are, after all a terrorist organization. I wouldn’t want to be judged on their level.

But how does the liberal community explain or justify this hypocrisy?

Do you know who you’re pledging support for? They throw gay people off of roofs. In 2021. This is a thing in Gaza. They drag people in the center of the city so everyone will see what happens to someone who doesn’t abide by strict Islamic law. These are the people you’re supporting? And you claim you care about human rights?

Speaking of human rights, I’m not even going to go near the United Nations and their nauseating hypocrisy. You don’t have to look much farther than the human rights council and which countries are members. As far as I’m concerned, the UN exists in the history books for one reason, and one reason only, to declare Israel the Jewish homeland. Since then, the UN has been nothing but rotten.

And let me very clear. I need to give credit where credit is due. Biden, contrary to what I thought would happen, actually has Israel’s back, at least for now.

He’s getting a lot of heat from his antisemitic party members like Ilhan Omar, AOC, and others who don’t even bother hiding it anymore and declare proudly how Israel has no right to exist. It’s a sick sick world when you hear voices like that in the US Congress.

If I get one more tweet from someone in the US who’s never been to Israel and tells me how Israel is killing “Palestinian” women and children… I mean, the Block and Report button has become my best friend as of late.

My rule is fairly simple. Want to have a dialog? I’m game. Want to spread poisonous baseless lies about Israel that you saw in the #FreePales_inan hashtag somewhere or you read on CNN? Sorry, we’re done here. Block.

The bottom line is pretty binary and straight forward.

This war, yes, it’s a war by any standards, is between a democratic, free, innovative, forward-thinking, peace-loving country called Israel and a savage, barbaric, radical Islamic, blood-thirsty, antisemitic terrorist organization who, quite frankly is not only terrorizing Israel, but is also torturing its own people.

If you choose Hamas as your winning team and you believe morality is on their side, you will go down in the history books as a terror supporter and an antisemite.

I keep using the words antisemitism and antisemite because that’s exactly what they are. Let me be very clear about this point. I realize every time we pull the antisemitism card, the world ridicules us, but that doesn’t make it less true.

Go ahead, read the charter of the PLO, learn who Abu Mazen is, study the history of Hamas. I’ll wait. They don’t hide it, they declare it proudly. They don’t want a state. Stop spreading that lie. They never had a state, they never will have a state. They don’t even want a state. They had many chances, including of course, when Israel evacuated its own citizens from Gaza and handed it over to the Arabs as an olive branch. They could have had a state. What did they do? Terror. They turned Gaza into the world’s biggest terror base.

They don’t want a state. They want dead Jews. They want to take over the western world and rule the world with Shariah Law, aka, their law. In other words, they want the whole world to be run by radical Islam.

So, to sum up this entire conflict from beginning to end in one world? Hypocrisy.

It is as clear as any conflict that we’ve experienced since WWII. There are good guys and there are bad guys.

Do some innocent people lose their lives when the bad guys are being eliminated? Sure. Is that not what happens in war? How many innocent Germans were killed in WWII when the world fought the Nazis? Any guesses? Go ahead, Google it. I’ll wait.

Innocent people die in war. Is that a good thing? Of course not. Should Israel try to minimize civilian death? Absolutely. Does Israel take enough precaution so less innocent people die? If you ask me? Too much precaution. Those who elected Hamas, aka the people of Gaza are not innocent any more than those who elected Hitler to govern them.

In any other normal country, thousands of rockets raining down on the heads of their civilians after being fired by a terrorist organization? That organization would be wiped out in a matter of seconds. “But what about innocent people?” What about them? Tell Hamas to protect its people instead of using their people to protect themselves. Don’t turn to us, that’s on them.

Except, no, the world turns to us. Black Lives Matter, the LGBTQ community, and endless other liberal voices blame Israel, even though, if one of those people would make a wrong turn into Gaza or Ramallah, they’d be lynched on the spot. But sure, support them, because it’s either supporting Hamas or it’s supporting the Jews. It’s a pretty easy choice for the world.

Ok, sorry. I’m rambling. I should get out of bed and start my day, but I just couldn’t help myself.

I hate hypocrisy. I hate double standards. But they are everywhere and they need to be called out. Just because the world has lost its moral compass years ago, doesn’t mean we need to forget to differentiate between right and wrong.

There still is a thing called right and wrong. Usually wars and regional conflicts don’t have black and white good guy vs bad guy situations. This one does.

The good guy? A country that treats everyone equally, where minorities can walk and work freely, where there are Arab Knesset members, judges, and leaders, and where there are free elections and democracy.

The bad guy? A savage barbaric terrorist organization that literally hates the Jews more then they love their own children. Stop and contemplate that for a second. Can you imagine hating someone more than you love your own children, your own family? No, you can’t. Because if you’re reading this, you’re part of the good guys.

If you support Hamas in their attack on democracy and on innocent civilians, then let me be very clear, you are a hypocrite and you are a major part of the problem. Oh, and let’s not forget who funds all this terror. Iran, the mother of hypocrisy and barbarism.

To be honest, I worry less about the terrorist themselves, Israel will get rid of them. It’s the kids. The children who Hamas recruits to make Israel look bad. That really makes me so sick. Pure innocent children turned into full blown terrorists from such a young age! And the world? Crickets… Why? Because Jews!

I hate hypocrisy, but the world is full of it (no pun intended!)

No matter what happens, let’s make sure to maintain our moral compass. Because that’s all we have and that’s how we will win this war, sooner or later, by taking the high road and maintaining our humanity while they forgot what it means to be human decades ago.
Do that, and we got this! 💪🏼

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