Lawrence Resident Amongst Jews Severely Beaten In Manhattan Yesterday By Pro-Palestine Thugs [UPDATED]


UPDATED: Joseph Borgin spoke out this morning on Fox News:

A 23 year old man is in NYPD custody in connection with last night’s vicious attack in the Times Square area, with police actively seeking several more suspects.

A video making the rounds on WhatsApp and social media showed a man, identified as Joseph Borgen of Lawrence, being kicked and hit repeatedly with sticks by at least six people holding protest signs as he lay in the middle of the roadway. Unite With Israel posted the video and tweeted, “This Jewish man was attacked today in New York City. Tell me anti Zionism is not antisemitism. I dare you.”

Joey Borgens name for Tehillim is Yosef ben Yaffa Lina:

NY politicians react to the brutal attack Jewish New Yorkers yesterday in Manhattan.


  1. A Jew cannot be comfortable ANYWHERE. Not in the state of Israel either. Quite frankly the state of Israel Is an anti religious, Anti Gd state run by corrupt politicians. Just as of late they’re forcing their citizens to be part of a medical experiment. Maybe just possibly the Jewish people throwing their own people out all because they wouldn’t inject their children with vaccines were thrown out of their own communities…Religious Jews advocated to remove religious freedoms. Well ironic how Hashem is now throwing everyone out of every community and their religious freedoms are now under attack. No coincidences.

  2. Thank you Joe for “commiserating” with us. We know we’re in galut. Next time a Yeshiva needs a mashgiach I’ll recommended you.

  3. You think the Arab are the problem? What about that white blonde woman who couldn’t get in fast enough to film it with her IPhone. Or the people just walking by, or those lovely bicycle riders just watching someone getting the shit beaten out of him. You want to know what happens in Israel? Violence by the mobs isn’t a spectacle and a tik tok posting. Our civilians fight back. Your whole society is warped and self absorbed.

  4. These comments are bizarre. I hope and pray ALL the attackers are brought to justice and incarcerated to the maximum extent of the law.

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