After Stabbing Rabbi Shlomo Noginski Has Been Released From Boston Medical Center

Credit: Rabbi Dan Rodkin

Source: BaltimoreJewishLife

B’Chasdei HaShem, Rabbi Shlomo Noginski has been released from Boston Medical Center after being stabbed 9 times by Khaled Awad, 24. Awad allegedly approached Rabbi Shlomo Noginski with a gun and demanded his car keys, at which point Noginski ran across the street to a park, where Awad stabbed him in the arm multiple times.

Noginski, a father of 12 who moved to Boston from Israel to serve the city’s Russian-speaking Jewish community, was released on Thursday night after being treated for his injuries.

“Rabbi Shlomo Noginski is in stable condition and looking forward [to] getting better and resuming his Torah classes,” Rabbi Dan Rodkin, executive director of Shaloh House, wrote on Facebook.

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