BDE: 2 More Victims Identified in Surfside Collapse – Ainsworth Couple


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Police have identified two additional victims that sadly and unexpectedly lost their lives in the tragic Surfside building collapse. Please keep their families and loved ones in your Tefillos.

Tzvi Ainsworth was visiting family in Montreal, where he met Itty Fellig. The two married and settled in his native Sydney, Australia. In recent years, the Ainsworths moved to Florida, where several of their adult children settled, as well as many members of the extended Fellig family.

Though modest and reserved, the Ainsworths are noted for their hospitality and devotion towards helping those in need in their quiet and unassuming manner. In Florida, they doted on their grandchildren. The Ainsworth family welcomed a new grandchild last Thursday on the day of the collapse.

Describing Itty Ainsworth’s friendly and personable disposition, her daughter Chana Wasserman wrote in a blog post last year: “Every person she encountered, ever in her life, became her friend. Everyone was treated as equals,” she wrote in a Mother’s Day blog post about her mother. “The guy at the laundromat, the guy working at the fruit market … ”

May the Nashamos have an Aliyah.


  1. We lived in nmb and Pembroke for 40 years and we went thru many hurricanes but we’re saddened and shocked by this horrendous Event May Hashem comfort the mourners and may they know no more sorrow amen vamen Ted and havivah goldsmith ramat bet shemesh Israel

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