New Israel Travel Stringencies Looming



Source: Baltimorejewishlife via Chaimvchessed

Due to rising levels of Covid contagion, Israel’s Health Ministry has issued new rules for travelers, which will take effect on Friday, July 16.

All inbound travelers to Israel, from any point of origin, will be required to quarantine for 24 hours, or until they receive negative Covid results. This includes vaccinated and recovered persons. Vaccinated/recovered passengers from within Israel may exit quarantine based on whichever comes first: 24 hours or a negative Covid test. As previously, travelers who are vaccinated/recovered from abroad may not exit quarantine until they undergo serological testing in Israel, and receive a release from the Health Ministry based on positive antibodies.

Separately, travelers arriving in Israel from numerous high risk countries will be required to observe full quarantine, even if they are recognized as vaccinated or recovered. See a list of these countries here.

Lastly, Belarus and Uzbekistan will be added to the list of countries to which travel is banned for Israeli citizens or permanent residents. Permission to visit these countries can be obtained only in special humanitarian circumstances, by applying here.

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