New Online Application Process for Israel Entry


Baltimorejewishlife via Chaimvchessed

Update: Authorities now advise applying four weeks before travel. This is now the only way to apply through consulates or embassies. Furthermore, applicants who have already been submitted thru email, but have not yet been responded to, must resubmit their applications using the new online method.

Israel continues to be largely closed to foreigners, with some exceptions, as Chaim V’Chessed has detailed extensively.

For those eligible for entry permits to Israel, permission to enter Israel often must be applied for via Israeli consulates and embassies. At times, this process has been slow and nerve-wracking. Many travelers have applied to several consulates, a practice which we have discouraged. Hard working officials have been frequently bogged down by multiple requests from the same persons.

Now, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has launched an online form for submitting applications for entry permits. The form may be accessed here. Applicants are asked to select the nearest consulate or embassy. They are also required to upload all the necessary documents, such as passports, birth certificates vaccination cards, insurance and more.

The new process will limit multiple applications, and will hopefully streamline the entire process.

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