Watch How Dr. Fauci Calls Out “Hassidic Jewish People” as Fault for Measles Outbreak


While Dr. Fauci was discussing herd immunity and those not willing to take the vaccine, he makes mention of the measles outbreak. Dr. Fauci then continues how we had over 90% immunity to measles but NY had “Hassidic Jewish People” who were the cause of the outbreak, by choosing not to vaccinate.

Whether or not this statement true, one may never point fingers at an entire religion. Every religion will have its fringe groups in all aspects, including anti vaxxers. To call out the entire religion is simply irresponsible and wrong.

We are reminded of a similar recent comment in 2020 made by Mayor de Blasio. “My message to the Jewish community, and all communities, is this simple: the time for warnings has passed,” Mayor Bill de Blasio tweeted after the New York City Police Department dispersed a Jewish funeral in Brooklyn. He then went on explaining that how he instructed NYPD to immediately proceed with summons and arrests to those in large gatherings.

As Jeff Ballabon and Mark Goldfeder wrote in a recent WSJ article, “Stereotyping a group based on the actions of a few people is never appropriate, and blaming Jews as a “community” for individual wrongdoing, real or imagined, is by definition anti-Semitic. It is especially dangerous during a catastrophic pandemic. The coronavirus crisis is stirring anti-Semitism around the world, fueled by centuries-old lies that Jews spread infection through malice or for profit.”

At a time when anti-semitism is so rampant, for such a senior individual like Dr. Fauci to call out ‘Jews’ is literally pointing another target on all Jews throughout the world. No other Religion would stand for this and neither should we.

[See 2:40 into the video below]

The bulk of Orthodox Jews were at the forefront of pushing community members to get vaccinated, which is why you have a county like Nassau which has a very large Orthodox presence, which has over 85% of individuals that already received at least 1 shot.

Jews were also at the forefront laying the foundation for donating plasma to assist in the Covid efforts.

Dr. Fauci, while we thank you for your tireless work on behalf of the world, we implore of you to watch what you say and issue an apology to the entire Jewish community.


  1. I am VERY. VERY disappointed in Dr.Fauci’s singling out the Hasidic Jewish population for the measles outbreak. All Jews are offended by this. There are individuals who have made bad choices in every group for whatever their reasons. In fact, some of the greatest Jewish Rabbis have said not giving the measles vaccine is against Jewish religious law! Please think about this and issue a sincere apology to all Jews so as to not stir the fire of hatred in our society.

  2. Doctor Fauxchi needs to go. He’s been wrong on so many aspects and this he’s wrong on as well. Just go! Leave us alone! Stop putting your disgusting looking face on television every second you possibly can. We know that you, yes you, will responsible for the virus outbreak in the first place along with the lab in China. You cannot be trusted!

    He lies and he twists his words like a pretzel. He’s disgusting vile individual.

    May Gd take a liking to him, soon please!

  3. Seriously? What is wrong with you? Why do you have to twist someone’s words to make it seem like he’s saying something he’s not? Are you so programmed by the talking heads on Fox and Newsmax to blame all the world’s ills on Dr. Fauci that you have to concoct this?

    What did he ACTUALLY say? He was talking about herd immunity in general, he was talking about how sensitive such a thing can be, and he mentioned that once you drop below that number, outbreaks can occur. He then gave, as an illustration, the 2018 measles outbreak “in communities of unvaccinated Hassidic Jewish people”. Did he say it was a general outbreak caused by chassidim? NO. He told the truth: This was an outbreak limited to the chassidic community, primarily because anti-vax insanity had taken hold in a significant part of that population, and the vaccination percentage in that community was very low.

    None of this is untrue. He didn’t blame chassidim for infecting others, he blamed the fact of minimal vaccination within a particular community for causing a limited outbreak within that community.

    Stop trying to find evidence of hatred in everything anyone says, start looking for the actual facts in the words used: Facts — vaccination prevents illness and prevents outbreaks in communities. Get yourself vaccinated against measles, get yourself vaccinated against COVID. Period.

  4. Yes “Sick of All This” maybe faucci misspoke but you have just labeled all Hasidic Jews as anti vexers doesn’t matter wether u r Jewish or not your hatred is all over your post Dr. Faucci’s statement is disgusting yours is full of hate.

  5. Dear Mr or Ms “Sick of all this”,
    Don’t know you, don’t really care to however your whitewashing is a huge part of the problem. We, the Jewish people have been the blame and shame people for way too long…
    By singling out one specific religious community when there are countless identical examples around the country and the world, ABSOLUTELY shines a light on those people instead of the issue.
    He stoked more hate. He fed predators fuel to justify their attacks.
    You’re not alone.. We are sick of all this too!…. But for the right reasons.
    Why you felt the need to publicly downplay a direct assault is concerning. No one here is looking for issues, we have plenty. We are not however looking to shut our eyes and ears. That mistake has been learned from..
    Never Again is not a saying.
    We mean it

  6. We hate you back fauchi, At the end of the game we will find out that you were responsible for everything, just keep on blaming the Jews, Like they all do

  7. This post is ridiculous and should be removed. Particularly shameful is this sentence: ”Whether or not this statement [is] true, one may never point fingers at an entire religion.”

    So facts don’t matter anymore? You don’t care if something is true or not?

    Moreover, Fauci isn’t pointing fingers at “an entire religion”. He specifically limits his comments to a sect of jews in NYC where a large portion of the measles outbreak occurred due to lack of vaccination (not “an entire religion” as you claim). That’s a fact.

    Stop crying anti-semitism where there is now.

  8. Wolf Sender,
    Where do you see me pointing a finger at all chassidic Jews? As per Fauci (and as per the historical record): Certain chassidic communities in NY (and, to be frank, England and Israel) saw an infiltration of antivax ideas, which led to a lower rate of vaccination in the communities. Those specific communities experienced a measles outbreak. This is what happened. It isn’t hatred, it isn’t accusation of anyone poisoning wells. It’s fact. Acknowledging what happened isn’t antisemitism. I’m sure the heroic medical professionals in the Orthodox community who volunteered countless hours to countering the antivax rhetoric in the community shouldn’t be considered antisemites because they focused their work on the community to which they’re closest, which had (and has) a significant problem with antivax propaganda…

    If you think that an honest statement of historical fact is “antisemitic hatred”, maybe you need to look more carefully at what you’re calling out.

  9. Way before the Coronna outbreak The Fauch predicted “a surprise pandemic”…..just think about that…..if that doesn’t give you the chills….

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