Tragic Update As Ida Killed At Least 22 In NYC, Travel Advisory & State of Emergency Issued


Tragic Update: At least 22 people are now being reported dead as the remnants of Hurricane Ida battered New York and New Jersey with tornadoes, record rain and flooding that left the area deluged and under states of emergency late Wednesday. Videos on social media showed cars submerged on highways and water pouring into subway stations and homes after a wind-driven downpour shattered rainfall records and prompted an unprecedented flash flood emergency for New York City.

The severe weather turned deadly last night, killing at least eight people in New York City, including a toddler, as flash flood waters quickly filled basement apartments. The dead include an 86-year-old woman, a 43-year-old woma, a 22-year-old man, a woman and her 20’s, and a man in his 60’s.

There is a travel advisory in effect in NYC this morning. Non-emergency is not recommended. Public transportation is very limited and delayed.

Shomrim last night were out rescuing Sifrei Torah from completely flooded Shuls in Brooklyn:

New York City has suspended alternate side parking today due to storm operations:

Mayor Bill de Blasio declared a state of emergency last night in New York City due to the historic weather event bringing brutal flooding and dangerous conditions to the roads.

Footage from the NYC Metro stations last night:

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