New Quarantine Leniencies Take Effect; Clarifications for Foreigners


Baltimore Jewish Life via Chaimvchessed

Updated September 3, 2021 2:13 PM IST

Earlier this week, Chaim V’Chessed detailed the new quarantine rules proposed for incoming travelers to Israel. Today, September 3, these new rules have gone into effect. The rules allow passengers who have recovered or been vaccinated in Israel to largely avoid quarantine when arriving from Orange countries. See more details here.

Health Ministry officials have informed Chaim V’Chessed that passengers in quarantine, who arrived in Israel prior to September 3, are now released from quarantine, provided they meet the new criteria. As before, all passengers must still quarantine for 24 hours upon arrival, unless they receive a negative Covid result.

Additionally, Chaim V’Chessed has received countless inquiries from incoming passengers who have recovered or been vaccinated abroad. These travelers have wondered if perhaps, they too, can be exempt from quarantine upon arrival. There have been numerous erroneous reports on this topic. Ministry officials have clarified that, at this point, the new rules will apply only to persons recognized as recovered or vaccinated in Israel.

Another area of uncertainty is for travelers from abroad who have previously performed serological tests in Israel. If they have been recognized by the Health Ministry as recovered (machlimim) based on their results, they will be eligible for a quarantine exemption – if they have received at least one vaccine IN ISRAEL in the past six months.

However, at this time, it is unclear whether a Teudat Machlim or Green Pass (based on serology) without a vaccination in Israel will earn a quarantine exemption. Until further clarification, travelers in such circumstances should be prepared for the possibility that they may still be required to quarantine.


As always, we caution that rules can, and will, change frequently. 


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