New Speed Camera: Beach 9th in Far Rockaway


Be aware there was just a new speed camera put up on Beach 9th street & Bolton in Far Rockaway.


  1. I’ve been wondering…

    Form the locations of all these cameras it seems someone from within our community is “in” on this. No other area has a camera on almost every corner.

    Is it a frum politician, an “askan”, or just a “concerned” citizen worried about people driving at 30 mph. There have not been any accidents on these corners. There is no reason the city would be thinking about these areas for cameras unless someone is requesting them.

    This is another reason NOT to vote for our own.

  2. I sure hope it’s not Siach. They really messed up the whole traffic flow in the neighborhood already as it is.

    Let’s start with their stop sign. Because of their few dismissals, we all have to stop 24 hours a day, 12 months a year. They should have put in a light which only functions during school hours.

    Between Siach and the playgroup directly across the street, it is almost impossible, and takes forever to get down Beach 9th during dismissals. Parents double park, make U-turns out of nowhere, etc.. Why is a Siach Rebbi standing in the street telling me when I can go, or when I need to wait for his parent.

    They really messed up the flow. They were supposed to have dismissals off of the side street. What happened to that idea?

    However they are still a local mosad, and I still give them money.

    But if I find out they are getting cameras installed, my donations are over.

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