Nassau County Cracking Down on Speeding in Work Zones With Fines Doubled


Following a series of car crashes in construction areas, Nassau County officials announced that police would be cracking down on speeding and reckless driving in work zones.

As part of the safety campaign, the county is launching a new text messaging service that will notify residents about road closures and changes to traffic patterns due to county roadwork.

The crackdown on reckless driving will include increased police patrols and enforcement near roadwork sites throughout the county. Speeding in work zones results in double fines. And two or more speeding violations in work zones could lead to your license being suspended.

The new text messaging service from the county launches on Sept. 13. It will include a 6 a.m. recap of daily road closures, as well as real-time updates on traffic pattern changes throughout the day due to road work or accidents. You can sign up by texting “roadwork” to 888777.

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