Why Men are Choosing These Career Options


In a world with endless opportunities, we are seeing a definitive trend: Frum men and
breadwinners are consistently choosing two popular fields to work in; Special Education and
Business Administration.

“It’s very simple,” according to Eli Deutsch, a student of the Sara Schenirer undergraduate
Men’s Business Administration degree program. “I have a very good business mind, but lacked formal training. I brought nothing to an interview or potential employer other than a solid work ethic and desire to succeed. I joined the Bachelor’s in Business Administration course and take courses at night. I already have strong interest from a number of potential employers because I offer something that very few young frum men have; real business skills. I know my numbers and business strategies and that’s rare for someone my age.”

For Yoel B., it was the convenient schedule that determined his school choice. “I wanted to earn a degree, but I couldn’t afford to be without an income for the years it took to be in school. The Sara Schenirer Men’s bachelor in business administration takes less than one year to complete and I’m able to maintain my chavrusos and my current employment while I take the courses.”

It’s not only Business administration, but Special Education as well.

“We currently have more than 100 men pursuing their degree in the field of education and
special education,” shares Rabbi Ariel Leon, Director of the Men’s Division of Sara Schenirer.
“They hail from all communities and they’re excited to join a field that holds a world of potential for frum men, especially in the tri-state area. They look at our past graduates and see their success and know that it’s only a matter of time until they can enjoy similar success.”

According to Rabbi Ariel Leon, it’s not just the convenient schedule that has men flocking to join the Sara Schenirer program. It’s the amazing student support that makes them stand out. “I give of myself to every student 100% and work hard to figure out what he needs and how we can help him,” Rabbi Leon says.

“I was so lost when I started,” said Shmilu Gross. “My English was weak and I was not so
computer proficient. With the help of my instructors and Rabbi Leon, who never stopped
answering my nudgy emails, I learned the ropes and graduated with my MS in Education and Special Education. I now work in a yeshiva as a P3 and I’m making more money than I ever thought possible. Before this, I was dabbling in cell phones.”

This Spring, Sara Schenirer will be offering three outstanding ONLINE degree programs:

● MS ED in Education and Special Education (BTL is accepted)
● MBA – Master’s in Business Administration (BTL is accepted)
● BBA – Bachelor’s in Business Administration

To learn more about these programs, join us at an informative Online Open House on
November 8th, at 8PM over Zoom. You’ll learn so much about the fields and also receive a
$75 voucher towards a future application fee.

Register today: [email protected] or https://sarasch.com/open-house

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