Our Open House is Different. Find Out Why


Sara Schenirer’s Online Open House provides everything you need for your next steps.

Upon researching a degree program, women and girls face a confusing array of educational choices and open houses. Each one promises career advice, guidance, financial aid assistance, and unlimited options.

Our Open House is Different.

Register today for the ONLINE Open Houses:
Undergraduate Programs: Monday, November 8th at 8 PM
Graduate Programs: Tuesday, November 9th at 8 PM

To register, click here.

At Sara Schenirer, we won’t overwhelm you with options or gimmicks. We’re here to provide clear, relevant, and current information so that you can make informed and clear decisions. After all, your future is at stake.

At our Open House, we’ll walk you through the details of seven popular and highly-sensible
undergraduate and graduate options such as Psychology, Speech, Accounting, Business Administration, Education and Special Ed, ABA, Social Work, and MBA. Since finances are such a big piece of the puzzle, our financial aid advisors will clearly explain all aspects of applying and qualifying for maximum financial aid through FAFSA.

“Financial aid is a big determining factor of whether or not a student can pursue her degree, and we want students to get accurate information,” says Na’ama Y. Rosenberg, financial aid advisor “There are many rules to follow, but when done correctly, students can really benefit from both federal and state aid.”

The real treat, however, is the bonus session, Choosing the Career That’s Right For You. When that’s done, you’ll have clarity about which degrees to pursue and you’ll feel empowered to make smart choices.

One more way that we’re different – all Open House attendees will receive a $75 voucher good toward their future application fee.

Attention Men: Join our Men’s Online Open House on Monday, Nov. 8th at 8 PM to learn more about the Bachelor’s in Business Administration, the Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), and the Master’s in Education and Special Education programs. Register here.

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