SICKENING: Rockland County Meeting Has Local Threatening to Drive Jews Over For Walking In Streets


Sickening display of hate at a Town of Haverstraw meeting. Watch where the antisemite says if I run over a Jew I will of course back up and run him over again.

He should be arrested and prosecuted for inciting hate and violence.


  1. I’m glad to see that the board was not taking this and shut him down. Anything he said that may have been valid is now invalidated due to his hate speech

  2. The Governor of of NY State states that all New Yorkers are entitled to be safe. What is being done to protect the community now that this man has threatened to run people over(several times)? This sounds like a real threat of murder. Writing something is easy but would like to see action being taken to keeping community safe from this threat of hate and murder.

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