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Source: Baltimore Jewish Life via Chaimvchessed

Published November 17, 2021 12:46 PM IST

Since November 1, fully vaccinated tourists have been permitted to enter Israel. While this change came as a relief to many, the new entry rules which took effect on November 1 also brought complications for others. Additionally, even those permitted to enter Israel according to the new process have frequently encountered difficulties or obstacles. Chaim V’Chessed presents numerous updates on these areas, below:

Updated Pre-Flight Declaration Form

On Tuesday, November 9, the Ministry of Health updated the online entry declaration which must be filled out within 48 hours before flying to Israel. The new form is working well for Israelis and toshavei keva. When entering their mispar zehut, their information, as listed with the Ministry of Health, comes up and they are emailed an authorization form with their correct quarantine status. They also receive a Tav Yarok, if applicable.

Visa Holders Recovered/Vaccinated in Israel

Unfortunately, the new system is not allowing some visa holders to obtain an authorization form based on their vaccination and recovery in Israel. If you encounter this difficulty,  you may try entering your vaccination and recovery information as if they were administered abroad, in order to be given authorization to enter Israel. It is vital that you have the documentation of recovery/vaccination with identifying details such as your passport number, DOB, or Kupat Cholim number to be shown at the airport, should you be asked for it before boarding, or upon entry to Israel. It is not critical that you print out a Tav Yarok before you leave Israel, as long as you have documentation of recovery/vaccination.

Errors in System

As of now, there are still numerous bugs in the system. Often, those who are fully vaccinated discover that “Non-Vaccinated” is printed on their Tatzhir Kenisa.  As long as you receive a Green Pass after filling out the health declaration, and you have documentation to back up your vaccination details, you need not be concerned.

Serological Not Accepted

Please note that a Tav Yarok that you obtain in Israel based on serological tests, or vaccination more than six months ago, will not allow you to enter Israel. This is applicable for all travelers, despite the fact that at times, Green Passes have been issued based upon serology. It is possible that airline staff will allow those holding such Green Passes to board; however, they may be denied entry upon arrival in Israel.

Permit Holders

Those who received permits to enter Israel under the previous rules, or who receive permits now, due to special circumstances, are permitted to enter Israel. If you hold an Entry Permit but do not qualify under the current rules, fill out the entry declaration and you will receive notification that you can NOT travel. Bring that response, along with your Entry Permit, to the airport. Most airlines are aware of this situation, but some airline officials are not. If your airline does not accept your permit, ask that they contact Israeli Border Control to confirm that you may travel.

Antigen Tests for Entry into Israel

On November 16, Health Ministry officials signaled that antigen tests will soon be accepted for travel to Israel. This means that pre-flight, passengers will be able to take either antigen or PCR tests. All travelers entering Israel will still be required to undergo a PCR test upon landing at Ben-Gurion Airport. We caution that final government approval is still needed for this move, and details have not yet been finalized.

Children of Visa Holders

An ongoing issue concerns children of visa holders who reside in Israel. If these children leave Israel, they can only return to Israel if they are recognized as recovered in Israel. (Babies under 12 months are, however, allowed to enter Israel, even if not recovered/vaccinated.) This has caused consternation for visa holders wishing to travel abroad with their families. Chaim V’Chessed, along with Amudim and the Igud have been advocating for a resolution to this issue for several weeks. A solution to this issue is being developed, though its contours are not yet final. We hope that a process will be arranged in the coming days to resolve this matter. Please follow for further details.

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