Kiddush Hashem: Fasman Yeshiva Students Make Headlines After Returning Tons of Bills From Armored Truck


CHICAGO: Two Orthodox Jewish students from a suburb of Chicago – Skokie, Illinois, made the news after returning money which fell out of an armored truck, causing a significant “Kiddish Hashem”.

Zev Goldstein and his friends were walking from breakfast Thursday morning outside Fasman Yeshiva High School. in Skokie, when they noticed bills flying everywhere.

The two saw a man stuffing his pockets but when they approached him asking what to do, he ran off. The young men walked further and found an armored truck outside of a bank across the street. On the windy day, money had escaped from the back. Because of how windy it was money was literally every where.

The two of them scrambled and managed to gather $790 worth of small bills and handed them over to bank employees. After the incident the group of teens have been praised by national news networks.

This comes as videos circulated on social media of many others shouting while grabbing bills on the highway and running off with it (see below).

Local police have thanked the young Jewish men for their honesty and integrity.

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