Dov Lipman Warns of Possibility For USA to be Classified “Red” Comes Tuesday, Dec. 21st


Via Dov Lipman, Yad Lolim

It has become clear to us that the Israeli government is strongly considering classifying the United States as a red country. While this is not yet final, I feel obligated to recommend that if you have an approval to enter Israel in hand, change your tickets and try to fly before this coming Tuesday.

I will be working hard over the next 48 hours to lobby against the decision and to also ensure that travelers are given as much warning time as possible to prepare for this significant change once a final decision is made. But in the meantime, I would be remiss in my duties if I failed to inform you that this is on the horizon and that those with a permit in hand ought to travel before Tuesday December 21, 2021.

As a reminder, when a country turns red, all prior permits are invalidated. The only foreigners permitted to enter Israel are parents of a bride or groom for a wedding and even then they will have to file for a new permit. Student visa holders will have to contact their academic institution to ensure that they assist in securing special permits to enter Israel. In addition, if the decision holds, Israeli citizens will only be permitted to travel to the USA in extreme humanitarian situations.

Also, an Israeli can only travel to a red country with special permission. Even if you hold dual US-Israel citizenship, traveling to a red country requires rarely granted permission from an Exceptions Committee. If you want to avoid that process, you must leave Israel before the USA turns red.

We will do our best to help all of you. Please go to and select Corona Travel from the form on the homepage for questions and assistance.

Wishing everyone good health and Shabbat Shalom,

Dov Lipman
Founder, Yad L’Olim

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