Yehuda Geberer: The History and Observance of Nittel Nacht in Modern Times [WATCH]


At a lecture in Lawrence, NY, Jewish Historian and host of the Jewish History Soundbites Podcast Yehuda Geberer tells of the ancient Jewish tradition of abstaining from Torah Study on the night of Christmas. Yehuda discusses the origins of the custom as well as the many different ways its been observed throughout the ages. He also delves into the general idea of Minhagim and how they are often misunderstood.

Is it possible that the whole idea of Nittel Nacht does not apply in the 21st Century? Why was Nittel Nacht taken much more seriously by Chassidim? What were the customs in various Chassidic courts? Which Rebbes played Chess? Where does the idea of playing cards come from? Were there Yeshivas that observed Nittel Nacht?

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