Antisemitic Palestinian & Friends Attempt to Hurt Kosher Restaurant by Leaving False Google Reviews


A Palestinian hater decided to message friends on social media to give false negative Google reviews to hurt a Kosher restaurant in Teaneck. Yalla Teaneck boasts a delicious array of Mediterranean Kosher food on their menu.

That was enough for this “Free Palestine hater” to attempt to destroy the business on Google because “The Israeli restaurant falsely advertised Palestinian Middle Eastern food”.

Her video on Tiktok generated some negative reviews, including some saying “Bad food, not authentic food. Free Palestine”. However, the plan has since backfired. Once Klal Yisroel got news of the incident, Yalla Teaneck’s positive reviews began to pour in by the hundreds and then by the thousands! Before her video the eatery had 367 reviews with a 3.9 rating, now it has 2,646 reviews from loving Jews all over the World with an amazing 4.7 rating!

“Let’s teach these commerce terrorists they can’t win. Google search Yalla Teaneck reviews and leave a positive feedback. Hate will never win”, commented a well known Jewish influencer.

Now it’s our turn to assist in the efforts! Please CLICK HERE to give Yalla Teaneck a great 5 Star review on Google.

Haters never win.

Am Yisrael Chai!

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