Eruv Tavshilin/ Purchasing Chometz After Pesach 5782


The Vaad Hakashrus, in collaboration with our very reputable store owners, ensures that all stores under the Vaad Hashgacha perform a proper mechirah of their chometz and are supplied by companies that are either non-Jewish owned or have performed a mechirah. As a result, chometz may be purchased from Vaad-supervised stores immediately following Pesach.

As a community service, we are sharing with the Rabbonim the following list of stores (based on the STAR-K’s list, and AKO research) where the stores either sell their chometz or are owned primarily by non-Jews. One may therefore purchase from them right after Pesach:

• 7-11
• Bj’s
• Costco
• Cvs
• Key Food (local – 2 in Valley Stream – 935 Rosedale Rd, & 1805 Central Ave)
• Petco
• Rite Aid
• Trader Joe’s
• Shoprite (Gateway Center)
• Stop & Shop
• Target
• Walgreen’s
• Walmart
• Whole Foods
• Spruce D’vine (local)

It is our understanding that the following stores do not have Jewish ownership; however, we cannot verify with complete certainty:

• King Kullen (Local)
• Liquor Warehouse (local)
• Five Towns Wines (local)

If any of the Rabbonim have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the Vaad.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Yom Tov!


  1. It is perfectly fine for the Vaad to provide their after Pesach list. BUT it’s is wrong and misleading to claim it’s based on AKO or Star-K.

    Both of AKO and Star-K do not allow purchasing chometz from establishments which are supplied by C&S. Neither does the OU or Chof-k, or almost any other Kashrus certifier.

    Stop & Shop, and some departments of Target (frozen and fridge) are supplied by C&S and AKO says not to purchase chometz from them.

    Unfortunately, the Vaad also allows some of our local Kosher supermarkets and establishments to purchase chometz from C&S too.

    According to AKO guidelines, which is the standard accepted by most Vaad’s, one would not be able to purchase any cometz from many if our local Frum stores.

    Check out the real AKO recommendations at

  2. Andy ,

    Correct. The Vaad allows category B as a l’chatchila.

    Official AKO policy is not to allow category B unless there is a shaas hadchak.

    This mechira used by C&S was developed by Rabbi Belsky. He held it was the best b’dieved available. Rabbi Gersten from the OU, who worked with Rabbi Belsky on this has publicly said many times this was not intended as a l’chatchila.

    Rabbi Liebowits (Halachicly Speaking) of the Chof-k is the one who actually facilitates the mechira. He told me it is in no way meant as a l’chatchila, and that was the opinion of Rabbi Belsky.

    Our Vaad began using C&S l’chatchila immediately following the petirah of Rabbi Belsky. When I approached one the our local Rabonim and asked him why they changed policy then, he told me he disagrees with Rabbi Belsky and feels it is a mechira l’chatchila.

    I am not aware of any other Vaad which permits C&S l’chatchila.

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