Multiple Arrests Made Sunday Night After Shots Fired in Lawrence


Last night two residence from Queens came into the fourth precinct, Lawrence area, and fired off their guns. Several residents informed 5TC that they personally heard the gunshots Sunday evening.

Thankfully the Nassau County police were on scene and able to make an arrest before anyone was hurt.

Following the arrest, Police Commissioner Ryder said “That’s not going to happen here in Nassau County“.

Both subjects had prior arrests and should not have been allowed back on our streets. Thanks to the broken bail system in NYS arrests that are made are generally a revolving door.

Thank you to the brave men and women of NCPD who put their lives at risk on behalf of the community 24/7.


  1. What is our NYS assemblyman Ari Brown doing about this??? He promised to fix bail but he’s done nothing. I regret voting for him

  2. Well David Lobl he’s only in there for a couple of weeks and it’s hard for him to do anything when idiots like you keep voting Democrat.

  3. I havent seen Ari Brown around town at all and he’s done nothing. Im not voting for him again and i doubt he will win in november.

  4. For our upcoming elections – let’s identify the pols who voted for bail reform. And on the NYC side, the city council members who voted to allow non-citizens to vote in local elections.

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