Agudah Supports Bill to Remove Required Work Hours to be Eligible for Child Care Assistance


Agudath Israel of America supports this bill which would repeal the requirement of minimum work hours or a minimum wage in order for parents to be considered eligible for child care assistance.

New York’s working class often do not meet minimum wage requirements for assistance. They still must work, and must, at the same time, provide child care. Making them ineligible because they do not meet minimum wage requirements would take necessary workers out of the workforce.

Child care is often necessary for non-working parents as well. Many times, especially when their children are young, parents themselves are still students and are unable to tend to children throughout the day. In larger families or families with children with special needs, parents may be tending to their other children and thus require assistance for their daycare aged children. There are also those who need to tend to their aging parents or other family members and cannot devote themselves to their children’s care simultaneously. In all these situations, potential recipients of child care assistance would not be able to meet minimum work hours or minimum wage requirements, but still have a clearly demonstrated need.

This bill, by disengaging income and work hours from consideration when calculating child care assistance eligibility, would tremendously alleviate the burden of non-working (but otherwise gainfully occupied) parents and ensure that New York’s working class can remain in their respective workplaces.
Agudath Israel of America urges support of this bill.

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