INSPIRING: Torah Vodaas Teacher Who Began Wearing Tzitzis & Tefillin Shares his Story


Several months ago, 5TC published a story “How an irreligious teacher in Torah Vodaas began wearing Tzitzis & Tefillin”.

At the recent Torah Vodaas dinner, they documented the story. The Yeshiva interviewed Mr. Berger, the beloved history teacher, who has since changed around his life. Read the full story as originally published on 5TC underneath the video.

The following inspiring story was submitted by a local resident:

One of my co-workers is a Jewish guy, totally not religious. After work, he goes to Yeshiva Torah Vodaas and teaches secular classes there.

He told me a couple weeks ago they had a big test coming up and one kid in his class who was not doing as well as he should have been, said he would make him a bet that if the kid got 100 on the upcoming test, the teacher would agree to wear tzitzis and tefillin. The teacher agreed, not thinking much of it.

Turns out, the kid took it seriously and was studying like crazy. He was even studying for the secular test during Hebrew classes. The Rabbeim didn’t mind since they told him it was a mitzvah.

In the end, the kid got 100 on the test and the teacher has been wearing tzitzis every day and putting on tefillin 3 times a week. One of the fathers from the class bought the teacher his own pair of tefillin. He said the kids love it and it was a huge event for him putting on the tefillin. Apparently some of his old students came back to the yeshiva just to see it happen.

So now this non-religious co-worker of mine is walking around public school with tzitzis on and he’s putting on tefillin multiple times a week. Pretty wild.

Mi Kiamcha Yisroel.

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