Orange County: GOP Congressional Candidate Greg Raths Goes on Antisemitic Rant


Greg Raths, a GOP Congressional Candidate in Orange County, CA, went on an antisemitic rant: “These politicians go where the money is, unfortunately… The Jewish community is very well organized in the U.S. and they control a lot of politicians.”

The remarks were reportedly made at the Orange County Islamic Foundation candidate forum on May 20th.

Raths will be facing off against Young Kim, who will now be receiving the complete endorsement of all Jews around the world.

Activist Dov Hikind had this to say: “Where are all GOP members to condemn Greg Raths’ vile antisemitism?!

Are they all okay with Raths representing Republicans? How should their collective silence be interpreted – as cowardice or approval?!

Either way, Young Kim is the winning ticket!”

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