Submitted: “Thank you, Mr. Blakeman, for Making a Difference in my Daughter’s Life”


I would like to publicly recognize the unwavering efforts of Honorable Bruce Blakeman, Nassau County Executive.

Over the past two weeks, Mr. Blakeman advocated that my disabled young daughter would receive the appropriate medical treatment at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia “CHOP” in the coming days. Although my daughter has an incredible team of doctors in the state of New York, her extremely rare conditions warranted advanced care with specialists outside of the state at the only hospital that treats such anomalies: CHOP.

The staff in the Office of the County Executive were so gracious and helpful. They were instrumental in ensuring that my daughter’s appointment would be approved. They wholeheartedly pressed onward to see my daughter’s medical care come to fruition.

Supervisor Blakeman followed through in safeguarding that the fate of my daughter’s future would not meet a roadblock. He took immediate action as if she was part of his own family.

Thank you, Mr. Blakeman, for making a difference in my daughter’s life. As the famous saying goes, “To the world you may only be one person, but to one person you may be the world.”

With the greatest of gratitude coupled with an abundance of joyful tears,

A mother in awe of your dedication and commitment to helping those in the community…even its youngest members

~ ~ ~
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