Primary Elections & Early Voting


The following voter update is from Teach NYS. For more information please visit:

When it comes to issues that directly impact our community, your vote is critical because elected officials take note of the people who vote.

In the June 28 primary, you will vote for your party’s candidates for Governor, Lt. Governor, State Assembly, State Attorney General, US Senate, and more.

You also have the option to vote early starting this weekend. Please see below for early voting information.

This year, there will be a second primary election on August 23, when you will vote for your party’s candidates for State Senate and US Congress.

Click here to request your Vote-by-Mail ballot or find your early voting polling site.



  1. Yes vote!! Please contact village of Cedarhurst to stop the pearsall project. Our community Does not have the infrastructure to accommodate these new buildings !! I urge you to let your voices be heard and tell your local representatives NO TO THE PEARSALL PROJECT

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