Twelve Treated From Carbon Monoxide Exposure at Chabad of Great Neck


There was a carbon monoxide exposure early this morning (6:00 AM) at Chabad of Great Neck (400 E Shore Rd).

More than a dozen victims were experiencing dizziness and nauseous. Twelve people were treated at the scene and one was transferred to the hospital.

Officials believe the problem came about through an issue with the heating system in the Chabad house.

Members of the Chabad house have informed COLLIVE that Baruch Hashem all their members are feeling okay and the gas was leaked in the old building:

“Early this morning carbon monoxide alarms went off at Chabad’s old building. Baruch Hashem, our alarms are active and working. Emergency services came to the scene and thank G-d everyone is okay, just a water boiler malfunction and they cleared the building to re-enter”.

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