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Socially Appropriate-ish!  is a free weekly Newsletter written by Shifi Lieberman, LMFT that opens up honest conversations about crucial topics and provides invaluable tips for parents, educators and therapists. 

“So many parents feel helpless when it comes to dealing with social or emotional difficulties involving their children,” says Shifi, “and it’s not their fault! The educational system does not provide the skills needed to deal with these topics. It is crucial for parents to be better informed and to have the tools to help their children grow, learn, and heal.”

The Socially Appropriate-ish! Newsletter arrives in your inbox and can conveniently be read with your morning coffee, during your lunch break, or while relaxing in bed at the end of a long day. It contains current, real-life information and tips on situations that we all encounter on a daily basis, including relationships, mental health, how healthy families function, emotion management and lots more!  The goal is to keep you up to date on the latest trends in psychotherapy. Shifi’s approach is refreshing – she takes an authentic view of life and its ups and downs, and acknowledges the complexities of our emotions. Like her new and popular virtual courses, Social Skills Made Simple. and Anxiety Made Simple., the Socially Appropriate-ish! Newsletter delivers tips and suggestions practically, while infusing a dose of humor and empathy.

Subscribing to the Socially Appropriate-ish! Newsletter connects you with a like-minded community going through common situations people experience as parents. “People keep telling me  how normal and validated they feel,” Shifi says. “They recognize the situations I write about, relate to the feelings I discuss, and can then use the tips and tricks to generate conversations and move forward.”

There’s no need to feel stuck or helpless when it comes to dealing with the social or emotional needs of your child. The Social Appropriate-ish! Newsletters, and of course, Shifi’s Virtual Courses that you take at your convenience, will make you feel educated, connected and supported. “The Newsletter readers are family,” explains Shifi. “We laugh, commiserate, learn and grow, all in a socially appropriate way or Socially Appropriate-ish! way!”

It’s that simple! Subscribe to the Socially Appropriate-ish! Newsletter for free at shifilieberman.com or by clicking on the link!  


About Shifi Lieberman, LMFT

Shifi is a Marriage and Family Therapist, based out of Passaic NJ, with extensive experience in both private practice and in schools. Shifi created virtual courses to be taken from the comfort of your own home, Social Skills Made Simple. and Anxiety Made Simple. The courses, which are easy and fun to watch, are becoming increasingly popular to help children learn how to develop appropriate Social Skills, Emotion Management, Self Awareness, How to Build Confidence and How to Manage Anxiety.

For more information about each course or to read the BLOG visit www.ShifiLieberman.com

Read what Between Carpools has to say about Shifi’s Virtual Courses here!

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“Buying Shifi Lieberman’s course, Social Skills Made Simple. was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for my family. Each video is eye opening, refreshing, positive, entertaining, so easy to watch and taught me step by step what I needed to learn to help myself develop as a wife and mother. And what I need to continue to do to teach my children Social Skills and Emotion Management Skills. It was wow! Every video is jam packed with information. As I started putting what she taught into practice, my entire home changed. I encourage every parent out there to watch this! I can’t say it enough times. Oh! And I look forward to Shifi’s newsletter every week to! It’s a highlight of our week – we often discuss them at the supper table as a family. If you’re not already signed up, what are you waiting for?”

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