Inwood: More Theft of Catalytic Converters [WATCH]


Brazen theft of catalytic converters continue to plague our community.

This incident took place on Bayswater Blvd, Inwood NY.

NCPD, NYPD & RNSP have increased patrols during the early morning hours to help ensure these thugs are held accountable.

If anyone notices any cars pulling up, driving slowly, looking at other cars or snooping around, please contact your local Police precinct and RNSP.

It only takes a few minutes for the thief to go under a car and remove the converter. It costs about $800 to replace it on older Hondas, and a couple of thousand dollars (approximately) on the newer ones. Older Honda Pilots, newer CRV’s, and Odysseys are more targeted than other makes and models.

See footage below:

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