Rabbi Uri Deutsch: How to Prepare for Rosh-Hashanah (Coach Menachem)


Rabbi Uri Deutsch is an outstanding Talmid Chacham and inspiring speaker. He holds the prestigious position of Mara D’asra of the Forest Park Community in Lakewood, NJ, and is in high demand to lecture across the US and Canada. Most recently, he was one of the featured speakers at the Agudah Convention’s Keynote session.

Born in Baltimore, his family moved to England while he was very young. After graduating high school in the UK, Rabbi Deutsch studied in several yeshivos in Eretz Yisroel, including Mir, Ponovezh, and Brisk. He later moved to the US where he studied and taught in Los Angeles, CA, and Monsey, NY. In 2011 he assumed the position of Rosh Kollel of Kollel Yisroel Dovid in Montreal. He joined the Vaad Hair of Montreal as a Dayan as well. In 2017, he took on his present position as Rav of the Forest Park community in Lakewood.

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