Gov. Hochul Announces MTA to Install Security Cameras in Every New York City Subway Car


Security cameras will be installed in all New York City subway cars, Gov. Hochul said Tuesday, as officials work to stamp out a pandemic surge in subway crime.

The governor said the Metropolitan Transportation Authority will put two cameras in each of the city’s 6,455 subway cars, a move that arrives after cameras were installed in all 472 of the system’s stations.

Hochul said she expects the cameras will provide a useful law enforcement tool, and a deterrent to subterranean crime that appears to be ebbing as more workers return to offices, but remains elevated.

Governor Hochul: “We’re leaning into finding strategies and technologies to make sure that we address just what we’re doing here today because my number one goal always has been, always will be keeping New Yorkers safe. And no one should ever have fear when they’re simply going to school on the subways, on our trains or going to their jobs.”

Hochul: “We are now prepared to be having the installation of cameras in all subway vehicles, all subway cars This is all part of our overall recovery as we’re going forth. I know that the last two years have been extremely difficult. We’re cognizant of that. And we’re doing everything we can to use the tools, the resources, and the technologies that’ll change people’s experiences, start changing their anxiety about safety on our subways.”


  1. This is a minor fix. Prevention is key! Additional police presence with officers who intervene and don’t just stand by in groups. Bail reform is key with consequences for those who defy the law. We still will not feel safe taking the subways.

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